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Hey moms, are you new to this whole "kids doing school at home" thing?  I know I am!  My guest, Autumn McKay, has been doing this for awhile AND she has a ton of products that will help your children learn!.  In this episode, Autumn shares her tips and tricks for teaching kids at home along with how to work at home while the kids are there. 

About Autumn McKay

Autumn has a degree in Early Childhood Education. She taught in the classroom and as an online teacher. She has been certified to teach in California, Colorado, Arizona, and Georgia.

However, one of Autumn's greatest joys (and challenges) is being a mom! After her first son was born, she wanted to be involved in helping him learn and grow, so she began to develop color lessons to help engage his developing mind. Autumn also wanted to help other moms dealing with hectic schedules and continuous-time restraints. As a result, these activities evolved into her first book, Toddler Lesson Plans: Learning Colors. She has continued to create books for preschoolers, which include:

Toddler Lesson Plans: Learning ABC’s
The Ultimate Toddler Activity Guide
The Ultimate Kindergarten Prep Guide
Learning Numbers Workbook
Learning ABC’s Workbook: Print and Precursive
Learning Preschool Math Workbook
Learning Kindergarten Math Workbook
Learning 1st Grade Math Workbook

Motherhood has many joys and challenges, and sometimes that can lead to feeling burned out. So to combat that feeling, Autumn began to practice gratitude through journaling. She found this beneficial to her relationship with her husband and children—she was happier, more patient, less stressed, calmer, and more optimistic. Autumn created The Full Life Gratitude Journal for Moms so other moms could have a full life that is more grateful, mindful, and joyful.

Autumn has a passion for helping moms be able to educate their children in a fun, low-prep way that she shares on BestMomIdeas.com.

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