107 | Habits for Families with Justin Whitmel Earley

We become our habits, and our kids become us. This is why habits for families are so important and probably the most spiritually formative thing parents do.   Luckily our guest Justin Whitmel is here to explain how we can create healthy routines and habits as a family.  He has even written a brand new book about this topic called Habits of the Household.

The chapters of Habits of the Household walk through ordinary moments -  from waking to mealtime, bedtime, moments of discipline and screen time – and asks how these small moments of our routines can become powerful acts of spiritual formation.


For example, what does God’s love for us tell us about how parents can put kids to bed? What does God’s care for us tell us about how we eat together? What does his grace mean for moments of discipline, and what does his presence with us mean for how we use screens?


Our parenting habits will inevitably form us and our children. Habits of the Household helps parents take hold of these habits and use them to help their families become more like the lovers of God and neighbor we are called to be.

About Justin Whitmel Earley

habits for families 

Justin Whitmel Earley is a lawyer, author, and speaker from Richmond, VA.


He graduated from the University of Virginia with a degree in English Literature before spending four years in Shanghai, China, as a missionary. Justin got his law degree from the Georgetown University Law Center and he now runs his own business law practice in Richmond, Virginia at Earley Legal Group.


His book, The Common Rule – Habits of Purpose for an Age of Distraction, was published with InterVarsity Press in 2019. He frequently speaks at businesses and legal events on habits, technology and mental health; and at churches and conferences on habits, spiritual formation and parenting. 


His second book, Habits of the Household – Practicing the Story of God in Everyday Family Rhythms, released with Zondervan in November of 2021.


Justin also writes fiction and poetry, and is working on a children's book. He is married to Lauren and has four sons – Whit, Asher, Coulter and Shep.

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