26 | Professionalizing Mamahood with Hannah Keeley

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Hannah Keeley is the host of the television series, "Hannah, Help Me!", the author of "Hannah Keeley's Total Mom Makeover," and the founder of Mom Mastery University. Hannah is also the host of the Crazy Blessed Podcast and mom of 8 children!! And she home schools! Hannah loves helping moms create better lives with her typical "no excuses" method.

Episode Talking Points

* Get your BOOB on!

* Let's talk about sex baby! Making sex intentional in marriage.

* God has a way of taking you where you are to where your true desire is.

* Professionalizing the MAMA-hood: treating motherhood like you would treat a business.

* The turning point in Hannah's life as a mom.

* The importance of a daily routine.

* How to transform your mind and live according to God's will.

* The importance of exhibiting God's favor in your life.

* How time in the morning with God can change your whole life.

* Why time management as a mom is CRUCIAL!

* No more mom guilt!

* You are one decision away from the most abundant life you can imagine.

* "Sloppy success beats perfect failure".


hannah keeley

About Hannah Keeley

Hey there! I’m Hannah Keeley, a mom of eight (7 by birth), a wife of one, and a lover of Jesus. I believe there is God-given greatness in everyone. And I have an insatiable desire to help them discover this and let the world see who they really are.

Oh, and I’m crazy about helping moms.

Because I know what it’s like.

After a few kids, I found myself out of shape, overwhelmed, deep in debt, and surrounded by clutter. I knew something had to change when I found myself sobbing uncontrollably in the laundry pile (at least it was clean laundry). When I realized no one was going to come in and rescue me, I decided to rescue myself. With God’s Word and bull-headed determination, I was able to create a better life for myself. In fact, better than I ever imagined.

Now I help moms everywhere do the same.

I am so grateful for all the exposure I have received—from the Today show, Rachael Ray, Fox and Friends, the Wall Street Journal—it’s crazy, really. Once, I thought I was just a mom. Now I realize that is the best career in the world. Who knew, a southern girl who was stuck in special education classes could do such things? I guess it’s obvious that God specializes in doing the impossible!

My desire to help moms has led to an entire empire of serving others—from my reality series, “Hannah, Help Me!” where I help overwhelmed moms with my innovative techniques, to my online academy, Mom Mastery University, where moms are getting the coaching they need to create the lives they deserve—lives that are blessed like crazy.

* In the podcast, Hannah mentions her "Short Attention Span Bible Study". Here is the link.

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